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2008-05-05 16:51:41 by CCEstopher

Allright... I've been fooling around on newgrounds these past days, i've known NG since i was a kid and i've finaly decided to submit a flash, so i sat down, downloaded the 30 days free trial of Macromedia flash mx, when i suddenly realised... I CAN'T FUCKING MAKE FLASH!... So i opened NG as fast as i possibly could, and searched for Flash Tutorials, but i didn't understand a single thing, so i fooled around in MFMX and some days later when i was done fooling around i found a tutorial that was just GREAT! it had all the basics (It's under my favourite movies) and well that was actually today :).

what i've learned today - ive learned to "Shape" ive learned how to "Tween" i've gotten better with the shadow details og yeah and right now i'm learning how to make a "Guide line"....

Thats it! - If you read this then, Thank You! :) makes me feel popular (Rofl!) anyways make sure to leave a comment, and please tell me if you know any good tutorials!


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2008-08-31 22:28:52

welll... i dont know of any good tutorials. but i can tell you newgrounds has the best to offer.

just thought id pop on by, and tell you ashfrupt is one motherfucking anal cavity.
you should put your flash making skills to the test and make an all time pwnage compilation of ashfrupt gettin owned, over, and over, and over, again.